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About Us

Mission : To empower businesses with Digital Technology Solutions for applications particularly in the areas of Identity, Access, Document, GST Services and Payment Management


WeP has been a very dynamic and adaptable organization. We keep reinventing ourselves to adapt to the ever-changing technology by introducing new products to the market, based on the need of the hour. We are a self-reliant company for technology for both new products and its manufacturing.

We are pioneers in managed print solutions (MPS), serving 500+ large and mid-segment enterprises with a presence across 1500+ urban, semi-urban and rural areas in the country. We manage more than half a billion prints per year on printer fleet across India through innovative solutions on security and mobility, remote management and user management solutions.

We are the pioneers of retail printers and billing solutions. We have a large presence in the retail automation space in select segments. We have introduced a lot of innovative products in the retail space which help the small time store owners as well as high-end supermarkets to support their customers. We have innovative business models suiting all kinds of consumers based on their requirements. We are known for our reliability and dependability in the market. We are a pan-India company. So our clients can seek our support across the country and we will be there to serve them.

We, being an indigenous company, understand the Indian markets. This helps us bring in innovative products and services to help our clients do business with ease. We serve the majority of the top 1000 enterprises in the county. Our distribution through re-sellers helps us cover the SMB segment.

Value Proposition

  1. Consumer Proactive Like a pilot braving turbulance of the weather, we proactively follow social and technological trends to innovate consumer needs and desires.
  2. Consistency With Integrity As a water lily blossoms like clockwork in any environment, we leverage the strength of our varied bussiness into a converging focus through consistency with integrity & upholding human values.
  3. Cutting Edge Speed With the precision and speed of a laser beam, we innovate at the cutting edge of the technologyto surprise cinsumers with friendly products and services.
  4. Your tech Fantacy Like the fantacy of enjoying a strawberry, we deliver each tech fantacy into consumer’s mind, to make our business robust, sustainable and socially responsible.